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 Mike Zwiesler 

At the helm of RAD Design Lab is Mike Zwiesler. A Midwest transplant, he came to Southern California seeking opportunity and adventure. With a versatile skill set and a steadfast work ethic he has built a solid reputation as a go to problem solver. Project highlights include The Knit Kit which appeared on the Martha Stewart Show and is available in hundreds of stores across the country, and the Hot Shot Handle featured in Transworld SKATEboarding. His experience also includes developing professional equipment with companies like Freakshow HD, where he designed stylish and functional HD video equipment, and MOCAP Design, where he worked with a team to develop a facial motion capture system that exceeded all functional requirements. Since 2007, he has acted as lead engineer and project manager for renowned artist Michael Kalish, managing many of Michael’s high profile projects which have been featured at the LA Art Show, Daytona 500, Hartford State Capitol.